Sahin's Scar

In 1071, the Anjai army was closing on Eastmere with overwhelming force, ready to strangle Arden by taking the Eastmere mithril mine and cutting off shipping through Brassport. The main force came down the river from Adanur’s Arbor and swung north around Osgal’s Mill to avoid the Ardenian army stationed there.

Arden was able to mobilize a small force to intercept the Anjai army and attempt to delay them until reinforcements could join in for a final battle. This force was led by priests from the Sacred Church of Sahin in Osgal’s Mill and, seeing the size of the approaching enemy army, those priests did the only thing they could to prepare: They prayed, calling on Sahin to give them victory over these impossible odds.

As they prayed, the earth shook with more than just the force of the Anjai army’s footsteps. A great chasm opened in the earth, starting just north of Osgal’s Mill and running 4km north across the line of the Anjai advance, half a kilometer wide at its broadest point, and 300m deep at its deepest. The Anjai army was immediately shattered, as the majority of their forces fell in and the remainder were immediately routed.

This effectively ended the war, as the Anjai lacked sufficient troops to continue fighting Arden and they immediately sued for peace. Among the terms of the peace settlement were the offer of several Anjai noble daughters as hostage-brides to Ardenian nobles and the immediate adoption of Arden’s gods to replace the Anjai’s traditional animism.

The chasm remains to this day, now known as Sahin’s Scar or (among the locals) simply “the Scar”. Scavengers have picked out most of the Anjai war-gear from the upper reaches of the chasm, but the rocky slopes are treacherous. Few have descended very far into the Scar and fewer still have cared to haul salvage back with them on their ascent.

Sahin's Scar

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