Titles: Firstborn of the Void

Aspects: Death, endings, separation

Symbol: A scythe, blade up, within an inverted triangle

Herald: One who is known to the person being visited, appearing as they did just before they died

Trappings: Necromantic, Disintegration, Severing

The first thing to separate itself from The Void and become an independent deity was that part of the Void which separates things without restoring them. The most familiar form of separation without restoration is Death, so that is Fryssa’s strongest association for most people, but she also plays a hand in any irrevocable separation or division.

Although Fryssa is most often portrayed as a divinely beautiful woman with skin, hair, and eyes all of dark brown, she is closest of all the gods to the Void and can easily take any form at any time, though she usually chooses to dress in all black.

Fryssa is the mother of Anonc, Afghar, and Adanur (with Tasok) and the father of Vautha (with Sahin). She is the only one of the major gods to be both a mother and a father.

Her dedicated followers are few and generally known for living outside of normal society, whether as travelers or as outlaws. They often build shrines on lonely roads which are widely suspected to mark the locations where other travelers have died, but few know if this is true or not.


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