Tag: fort


  • Archon's Headland

    A stone motte and bailey-style fortification at the mouth of the [[Silver River]], 3km south of [[Brassport]]. It was originally built by the [[Ruyami]] Empire in 347 to protect [[Eastmere]]-based trade from pirates attracted by the recent founding of …

  • Copperdown Garrison

    The Copperdown Garrison is an ancient fortified guard post on the [[Eastmere]]-[[Stilham]] road, along the [[Potolph River]]. The 150 troops stationed here are primarily levies, trained as light foot with heavy ranged backup.

  • Ludcherry Tower

    An abandoned sentry tower, east of [[Eastmere]]. Ludcherry Tower was built by the [[Ruyami]] Empire in the year 304 to discourage overland attacks by [[Kherada]] forces coming from the coast. After the Kherada Crusades concluded, it was home to light …