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  • Afghar

    *Aspects:* Earth, water, rock, stability *Symbol:* A waterfall in a pentagon Son of [[Tasok]] and [[Fryssa]]. Younger brother of [[Anonc]], elder brother of [[Adanur]]. Father of [[Elrak]] and [[Santise]] (with Adanur).

  • Vautha

    *Titles:* The Raven Goddess *Aspects:* Assassins, courtesans, darkness, illicit activity, ravens *Symbol:* Two bloody daggers crossed with a crescent moon behind them *Temples:* The [[Dark Temple of Asiel's Fist]] Daughter of [[Fryssa]] and [[ …

  • Adanur

    *Aspects:* Forests, wind, archery, animals, plants, flexibility *Symbol:* A willow tree with its branches blown to the left Daughter of [[Tasok]] and [[Fryssa]]. Younger sister of [[Anonc]] and [[Afghar]]. Mother of [[Elrak]] and [[Santise]] (with …

  • Calendar

    The arrival of the Silence was a sufficiently world-changing event that the calendar was immediately reoriented relative to it. The current year at the start of the game is AS 1 - the first year After the Silence. The individual months still retain …

  • Major Deities

    * [[Adanur]], Goddess of Forests and Wind * [[Afghar]], God of Earth and Sea * [[Anonc]], Goddess of the Underworld * [[Elrak]], God of Fire and Knowledge * [[Fryssa]], Goddess of Death * [[Kancaela]], Goddess of the Moon and the Stars * [[Sahin]], …

  • The Void

    *Titles:* None *Aspects:* Destructive renewal *Symbol:* A circular chain of 11 links, each a different color *Herald:* An ever-shifting cloud of color and darkness *Holy Days:* Midwinter Night, days when one thing ends to allow another to …

  • Fryssa

    *Titles:* Firstborn of the Void *Aspects:* Death, endings, separation *Symbol:* A scythe, blade up, within an inverted triangle *Herald:* One who is known to the person being visited, appearing as they did just before they died *Trappings:* …

  • Anonc

    *Aspects:* The underworld, caves, protection, the dead, the penitent *Symbol:* Four silver coins on a black circle Daughter of [[Tasok]] and [[Fryssa]]. Elder sister of [[Afghar]] and [[Adanur]].

  • Elrak

    *Aspects:* Fire, knowledge, metalwork *Symbol:* A candle overlaid on two concentric circles Son of [[Afghar]] and [[Adanur]]. Father of [[Tandela]] and [[Sahin]] (with [[Santise]]).

  • Kancaela

    *Aspects:* The moon, stars, fate, travel *Symbol:* An open hand and a constellation overlaid on a spiral *Temples:* [[Coppergate Wayshrine]] Daughter of [[Tasok]] and [[Santise]].

  • Sahin

    *Aspects:* Battle, lovers, daydreams *Symbol:* Sword and chalice *Temples:* Sacred Church of Sahin ([[Osgal's Mill]]) Daughter of [[Elrak]] and [[Santise]]. Mother of [[Vautha]] (with [[Fryssa]]).

  • Santise

    *Aspects:* Magic, inspiration, music *Symbol:* A book and a flute Daughter of [[Afghar]] and [[Adanur]]. Mother of [[Kancaela]] (with [[Tasok]]). Mother of [[Tandela]] and [[Sahin]] (with [[Elrak]]).

  • Tasok

    *Aspects:* Justice, law, restoration *Symbol:* A stone arch After [[Fryssa]] began her campaign to divide and separate, another piece of [[The Void]] emerged to rejoin those things which did not wish to be separated. That piece is [[Tasok]]. He …

  • Timeline

    {background:#ddd}. |-2000 | [[Victares of the Lonely Lake]] defeats [[Hiera Tavakhan]] in single combat, bringing the Age of the [[Mau Kaliate]] to an end and ushering in the Age of Man.| |-1300 | A little ice age sets in and lowered sea levels open new …

  • Languages

    h3. Common Languages These may be learned by any character at any time. * Anjai (Commonly used in Yewdell.) * Ardenian (Likely to be the character's native language.) * Kherada (Occasionally encountered in Brassport and often used by sea traders.) …