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  • Eastmere

    This town on the [[Silver River]] was the largest settlement in the immediate area, with a population of 2500 before the Silence came. 132 survived the first month. All survivors currently reside in the [[Mithril Quarter]], on the northeast riverbank, …

  • Stilham

    This village was constructed on the banks of the [[Potolph River]] at the end of a pass through the hills, near a site holy to [[Afghar]], God of Earth and Sea. The site is marked by seven great stone figures which could almost be statues, though legend …

  • Brassport

    "!(media-item-align-center)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/222511/Brassport_small.png(Brassport small)!":http://sherohman.org/~dave/sw/img/Brassport.png Originally settled on the shores of the [[Susham Bay]] by [[Kherada]] colonists from the far …

  • Adanur's Arbor

    This was once a holy site of [[Adanur]], goddess of the forests, but businesses sprang up to service visiting pilgrims and the local forest became farmland. Pilgrims still visit, though many believe that Adanur has forsaken the area.

  • Alcott's Grave

    Alcott's Grave is the site of a well-fortified lighthouse or a castle with a lighthouse, depending on how you look at it. Either way, it has been home to a garrison of 200 men (and their families) defending the sea approach to [[Eastmere]] and [[Brassport …

  • Axdale Temple

    Home to 40 templars of [[Elrak]], God of Battle. The temple was established several centuries ago by victorious templars after they defeated the great dragon [[Hispion]].

  • Bitterwood

    (Not visible on the current map. Located on the north shore of the lake near [[Scargrove]].) Known primarily as the producer of the best mead in the region, brewed from honey produced by the village's unique breed of battle bees.

  • Drakov's Tower

    Originally settled by servants to the wizard [[Drakov]] and their extended families. Drakov himself hasn't been seen for at least a century, but his tower still stands on the coast to the south of the village and receives few visitors aside from boys …

  • Elrak's Abbey

    A monastery dedicated to the warrior-monks of [[Elrak]], masters of all weapons. They are supported by the region's best weaponsmiths and great heroes who fall in Elrak's service are brought here for burial.

  • Emerald Haven

    Smaller and more exposed than [[Brassport]], Emerald Haven passed its peak long ago, but it is still known for its expert jewelcrafters and smiths.

  • Gilcross

    At first, the Gilcross Tavern was merely the first stopping point for those fortunate enough to escape [[Drakov]]'s service. As time passed and it became apparent that he couldn't be bothered to pursue those who fled, they began settling here and farming …

  • Hangman's Point

    This is the only settlement on a moderately-sized (the section shown on the map is about 1/4 of the island) and mostly-swampy island. It was settled 150 years ago by exiled followers of a heretical death cult.

  • Marston

    Marble is Marston's primary business and reason for existing, but the village has had problems producing enough food recently, as the northern fields have started to go bad. The wizard [[Modoc]] erected a tower in the hills north of town about the time …

  • Rivenmoor

    More a guardpost than anything else, Rivenmoor serves mainly to house 20 scouts and their families as they observe an evil chasm to the southwest and ensure that nobody goes in - and that nothing comes out.

  • Santise Glen

    (Not shown on the current map. Located on the western shore of the small lake on the map edge southwest of [[Marston]].) Temple to [[Santise]], goddess of knowledge and magic. There is a very small permanent population of priests, but any sage or …

  • Scargrove

    This village was originally named for [[scarwort]], a potent medicinal herb which grows among the rocks in the area. However, in the last few decades, the ground has begun to crumble, opening large "scars" in the ground and giving the name a double …

  • Serpent's Cove

    Legend has it that Serpent's Cove lies near the south road from Emerald Haven and provides a safe gathering place for pirates, rogues, and scoundrels of every description, but the exact location is not commonly known.

  • Yewdell

    During the last great war with the [[Anjai Empire]], a group of [[Anjai]] defectors settled here in 25 PS, as they were unable to return to their homeland. The traditional arts of Anjai bow crafting have been kept alive since then and Yewdell remains the …

  • Ardenkeep

    (Not shown on current map. Lies approximately 65km from [[Eastmere]] along the [[Marston]] Road.) Capital of the [[Kingdom of Arden]], which includes [[Eastmere]] and the surrounding area.