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  • Brassport

    "!(media-item-align-center)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/222511/Brassport_small.png(Brassport small)!":http://sherohman.org/~dave/sw/img/Brassport.png Originally settled on the shores of the [[Susham Bay]] by [[Kherada]] colonists from the far …

  • Archon's Headland

    A stone motte and bailey-style fortification at the mouth of the [[Silver River]], 3km south of [[Brassport]]. It was originally built by the [[Ruyami]] Empire in 347 to protect [[Eastmere]]-based trade from pirates attracted by the recent founding of …

  • Balgin

    A small farming village near [[Brassport]], comparable to [[Camedge]] or [[Elderone]]. Primary products are pears and geese.

  • Coppergate Wayshrine

    As the name implies, this was originally a minor wayshrine dedicated to [[Kancaela]] near [[Brassport]]'s Copper Gate. It overlooks the [[Silver River]] where the road out of Brassport forks, leading to either [[Eastmere]] to the west or to [[Ashcliffe]] …

  • Dark Temple of Asiel's Fist

    This bronze-lined underground temple was built some time around the year 610 on the site where the master poisoner [[Asiel]], Chosen of [[Vautha]], was sought out and slain by the great dragon [[Hispion]]. A ring was found on his right hand, miraculously …

  • Honeyvale

    A small farming village about 10km north of [[Brassport]]. Primary products are honey and wheat, with a meadery also on site.

  • Stillbole

    A small farming village heast of [[Eastmere]] and northwest of [[Brassport]]. Primary produce is wheat, with a small apple orchard nearby.

  • Livermere Island

    A large island in [[Susham Bay]] at the mouth of the [[Silver River]] near [[Brassport]]. Dominated by two hills with a lushly-wooded valley and a small lake between them. Marble outcroppings are also present, but a quarry to mine that marble seems …