The Bloody Verdict of Verden

It sheds the blood of the Saxon men


Host: Gych Spellbutcher

Agility d4 Smarts d4 Spirit d6 Strength d4 Vigor d4

Song, 5 XP (Novice)

Power: 10
Reputation: -3

Faith d8
  • Arcane Background Miracles: 2 Powers, 10 PP, No Backlash, Vows

The Bloody Verdict of Verden

Boost/Lower Trait (2 PP, Range Smarts, Duration 3 (1/round)) Increase or decrease any of target's Traits by 1 die type (raise: 2 die types). If decreasing Traits, target gets an opposed Spirit roll to resist. May affect up to four additional targets for 1 PP each; effect must be identical for all targets.

Speed (1 PP, Range Touch, Duration 3 (1/round)) Target's basic Pace is doubled. With a raise, running becomes a free action.


Past Hosts

Alaric the Grey: Died in Elderone on Vishaba 14, AS 1 – Surrounded by four ghouls, paralyzed, and eaten alive.


The Bloody Verdict of Verden

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