Savage Marches

Duror's Thoughts on Brassport

As me and three others went in to Brassport, we saw signs of arrows and small amount of bodies on the streets. Little did we know that Ghouls would be roaming around in the area and I led the scout company deeper into Brassport in order to see what was on the southside. However, it was not easy due to someone who detested me in the party and the other two were not stealthy enough so we attracted the attention of 10’s of ghouls.

We barricaded ourselves in the nearest house and I used my javelin to barricade one exit, but it was quickly broken by the ghouls fierce claws.The battle was a close call, several in my party were shaken and I kept going berserk on those foul creatures. Several times the party wanted to find a way to retreat, but I denied. After taking a few wild attacks against the, they feared me. I tried to chase them, but failed. Those scum were too fast for me and night had fallen like a cloth on a statue and I could not see them well. Ghouls should be extinct and the more we kill of them, the less there is to kill and peace and balance will exist. Ghouls, baaahh ugly creatures.

After the encounter I ran with the party out from the house to rally with Spellbutcher, the sorcerer and the mad alchemist. They stayed with the cattle which was located in the barn we secured before I led the scout party into Brassport. We ran and I found a pouch which contained only copper. I lost some of it on the way but I got us through all in one piece to the barn.

At the barn, the sorcerer got on my nerves, my blade would lick his throat for the words he exclaimed about the failed attempt of scouting. Little did they know that a simple scouting would definitely not show the ghouls we encountered as they passed by and were drinking from the pond in the middle of the town. No beer and warm company has made me tired and grumpy and it didnt become better when we went to the keep next day and got to meet the dutchess.

She is beautiful and I would not mind asking her for a ride hehehehehe….however if I even tried they would probably behead me those nobles.

The day ended well and I came to my senses and found peace with the wizard. Going home to Eastmere is going to help us heal our wounds and regain our strength and let us plan our upcomming missions.

From Spellbutchers journal, Part 4

From Spellbutchers journal, Part 4

We went out for the longest expedition this far this week, all the way to Brassport actually. The journey there was pretty uneventful except a small encounter with a bear and that we found the missing cattle from Elderon. We settled into a farmhouse about an hour away from the city and sent in a scouting party lead by Ghoulwrecker.

The scouting party went into the actual city instead of staying at the safer outskirts, this so they could get better information. This lead to them getting ambushed by ghouls but under the leadership of Ghoulwrecker they managed to fight off the ghouls and retreat back to the farm.

The mood was tense that evening, the old wizard and Ghoulwrecker almost came to blows which would have been disastrous. But after a while everybody calmed down and we decided to ride straight into town and check out the castle in the morning.

We arrived at the castle and discovered that the local countess, 3 knights and 10 soldiers were still alive as well as several civilians. They were protected by a weak song in the countess throne. They had lots of food and other supplies but they were beset by enemies inside the town. There were rat men that landed when the silence fell, ghouls that we might have driven there from Elderon (ooopss!) and then there were Count Granitfist. Granitfist became a daeva when the silence hit and when he died the song jumped over to one of his young soldiers, the song have then jumped over to the countess executioner. The executioner now leads a military unit and tries to take over the castle from the countess.

Count Granitfist was a brutal tyrant, an evil lord and a paedophile. But his personality seem to have become strong enough to imprint itself on the song that possessed him and now he have become immortal. I wonder if I would be able to do that…

Anyway, we have no real way to deal with a renegade daeva. We can`t kill him because then the song will just jump over into somebody else. I suggested that we should either try to absorb his song like we did with the song in the raven statue or that we should ally our self with him. Sure he is a monster but he is also one of the chosen ones! The gods would not give their blessing to somebody unworthy, would they? My companions suggests capturing him alive but this seem to be really hard or trying to reach the host instead of the song, which would work. Another solution could be tricking them into the castle under the excuse of diplomacy and then murdering the entire military unit when they are unprepared. But that seem like a waste of good soldiers…

We decided to return home to Eastmere after establishing lines of communications with the countess.

Duror's thoughts on Osgal's Mill

Enock and I scouted the area while the others set up traps. We acted as decoys and frontline soldiers. It all went well until we lost one of ours. The tactics were flawless and consisted of using the bridge as the only in and out point for Osgar’s Mill. With the last minute assistance from Spellbutcher helped us to ambush and crush the ghouls from both front and back.

After we had visited each house, we looted and were indeed happy to have meat and wine to celebrate the progress of our campaign back of what is our home now. Next will be Brassport, from the maps we have, I can say it will be a very long mission and I hope it will be as easy as Osgar’s Mill and that none will loose their life. It makes me wonder….

How many lives will it take to discover how this Silence established itself on our fatherlands?

Enock's thoughts on Osgal's Mill

Another expedition. We set out at daybreak. Considering the heavy resistance at every other encounter I had our force slog through the snow on the far side of the river. Once close to Osgal’s Mill Duror Ghoulwrecker and I scouted the village form the safety of the river bank. We saw nothing and instead approached across the bridge with all men staying behind at the bridge.

We saw a pack of boars and drew them unto our swords. It was easy work and again we scouted further into the village when suddenly two huge swarms of rats attacked us. I obliterated them but now another good sized horde of boars came charging down upon us.

We retreated back to the bridge and behind the bear traps. Again we killed them all but this time we lost one new man. Gored by a boar.

Again we moved into the village. This time in force. We went from house to house and two times we were ambushed by goblins. Both times we fought them off easily.

We have become a respectable fighting force. The many hard lessons we have fought together shows.

I can only hope our luck will hold as we press forward. Away from Eastmere.

Jonaleths scribbled notes part 2

- Close Inn deserted
- Goblin occupation (expeditionary force dealt with)
- Livestock removed from stables (any of them left at other location?`)
- Minor salvage found in form of bows, arrows, candles and some other sundry items
- Burned the Inn down to deny strategic advantage to the goblins (unfortunate but can be rebuilt as necessary)
- Larger goblin/orc/ogre force in the area. Could present serious threat. Best countered with superior tactics.

The victory in Elderone has made people overconfident. Present situation still demands more exploration and resource gathering, but also a focus on preservation of human life since this most certainly a dwindling resource (Note to self: check up how many fertile females are present in Eastmere, and also how many children there are at present). The exploration force almost lost Sir Camwyn the Stalwart due to goblin archers. In the future the force should assume that any seemingly abandoned settlement contains hostile forces, whether it be in the form of scavengers or raiders.
On another note Gych Spellbutcher is getting more and more erratic. His latest suggestion was that we allied ourselves with the orcs and goblins. I am afraid that all the things that have been happening has taken a severe toll on his sanity and that it’s highly likely that he will get more of us killed if we keep listening to him. Another leader for the expeditionary force would be recommended. The only question is who?
One good thing came out of this situation: my old teacher in the arts of magic by the name of Gamrell had apparently come out of retirement and managed to escape madness and even have a piece of the song imparted to him. I just hoped that he is a better force member than he was a teacher.

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 3

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 3:

I was to bussy celebrating and organising after the battle i Eldoron to write in you journal but it is time to correct that now.

Last night we went to explore Close inn. We were rewarded with goblin arrows and had to fight for our lives the very first thing that happened. The battle was short and brutal. We only lost two dogs, Sir Camwyn got shot by the goblins when he tried to negotiate with them. Normaly I would say that this is typical of the landed nobility but this time he had an good idea that just didn’t work out whice is to bad. I still think that we can recruite the goblins and their orc and ogre allies but my companions argued against it.

Anyway, we killed the goblins and looted the Inn and the surrounding buildings. Our newly recruited wizard, Gamrell, then communicated with his familliar raven and found out that some escaping goblins were bringing back orc backups lead by an ogre. The daevas looted the archery shop while the minons captured one of the bee hives. Before we left Gamrell burnt down the inn so that when we return with more troops they can’t hide there and shoot at us with bows again. Gamrell failed to return my offered wizard high-five but I am sure that was just an missunderstanding.

I cast speed spells at the horses and the mule and we left as soon as the orcs arrived. We got away easily becuse of the speed spells. I might have overdone it on the mule… But hey, nobody got hurt.

Anyway, we discussed trying diplomacy with the orcs but nobody else seemed to want to recruite them or even make peace with them. I think they might be racists, nothing wrong with the orcs that a little organisation can’t fix I say.

On a stranger note I seem to have developed green spikes that are sticking out of my forearms. They seem to be of the same type that the spikemonster who scratched me had. I also seem to be able to fire them in a manner similar to the spike monsters. I don’t know if this mutation is a result of the spikemonster infecting me with something or my sorcery immitating their natural abilitys or something else. Fore some reason I don’t fear the change and I am not ashamed of it. I have modified my armour so that the spikes can stick out of it and I feel that it have if something made me look even more dignified than before. More power is always good right?

Enock's thoughts on the Battle of Elderone

The Battle of Elderone

We set out at first light. For once no one complained though Mouri the Painted stayed behind for some reason. Probably why no one complained. Gych Spellbutcher declared himself leader and I let it go. Better to focus on the task at hand than to divide ourself with more bickering.

We had every able bodied man and woman willing to follow us. We kept on track ignoring any potential trouble on the way. Spellbutcher did his job.

Close to Elderone the rest set bear traps while Dree Redraven and I scouted ahead. We saw two packs of ghouls but both scattered rather than attacked us which was bad since we wanted to draw them unto our traps and arrows.

Everyone moved ahead close to the village while Dree and I scouted deeper. The damned ghouls are quieter than cats and they ambushed us. Dree was in a bad spot but the rest weren’t far behind and we quickly managed to kill a few and scatter the rest. The archers led by Jonaleth the Ratslayer did good work.

Setting up right smack in the middle of the village Dree and I tried to pinpoint the location of the Ghoul king. As we saw him he saw us and the real battle commenced.

We were disciplined and with archers and dogs we held our lines just behind the traps. As the Ghoul king waded in Spellbutcher met the beast head on. We made a fine accounting of ourselves and stuck to it and the plan. I’ve had my misgivings about some of the men and women and Devas too but on this day I were proud to stand with them.

Still things looked grim because even as we slew the foul beasts left and right and held our lines more waves came upon us. From our flank and behind.

To his credit Spellbutcher offered us to attack the king so the rest of us could get a chance to get away but none faltered. Every last one of us knew that we had to stand and fight and win. Or die.

In the end we concentrated all our efforts on their so called king and laid him low. At the sight of this the rest of the craven beasts fled.

I counted three scores of ghouls myself and between us we killed more than three quarters of their numbers. We lost only Beregeg Shieldcatcher – a brave man and good fighter too.

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 2

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 2

Success! While we lost one of our numbers to horrible spike monsters we cleared the area of Camedge and managed to extend the reach of the song so that the area is now protected from the silence!

When we arrived we found that parts of the settlement had been destroyed by forces unknown and we found horribly tortured and mutilated bodies in a cellar. We hid in the cellar when we were attacked by zombies, a new kind of undead that was harder to kill but less dangerous than the ghuls. We decided to charge out of the cellar and attack the zombies with my wardogs and with our henchmen’s ranged weapons. This seemed to prove succesfull when we were attacked from behind my spikemonsters that had hidden in a secret room in the cellar. The monsters killed three of our four henchmen and one of them scratched me.

After a battle in which I served in a… supporting capacity from far, far away we managed to kill the Zombie and spikemonsters. After the battle we decided to decapitate or otherwise destroy the heads of every dead body in Camedge.

We searched the monsters cellar and we found a Raven statue with a part of the song in it! Searching the rest of the are we found many more bodies that we also destroyed the heads of. We found one unidentified magical potion, a small sum of silver, one flask of holy water, cheese (my rat army will become reality!) and some more weapons and armour.

We returned to Eastmere as heroes but something felt wrong… I decided to go around to the families and friends of the people we lost and telling them that their loved ones died heroically and I even tied to comfort them. It was strange… Maybe the song have begun influencing me?

I also went to a healer that I know and had him take a look at my wounds from the spike monster. I was carrying a warhammer and was ready to kill him if he found out that I was turning into a monster! I do not seem to be infected by anything so I had no need to kill the healer. I am however not fully convinced by this… I will have to look out for physical changes…

Oh, and the dog experiment went rather well. I will however have to get more dogs from somewhere to continue using them as cannon fodder. I will look into alternatives.

I will go to sleep now and sleep the sleep of the righteous! Tomorrow I will start trying to bribe rats with cheese and see if there is some kind of deal that can be made…

Jonaleths scribbled notes part 1

- Elderone deserted.
- Ghoul infestation (note to self, poison effective against these scavenger?)
- Livestock depleted (maybe even extinct?)
- Resistance a lot harder than expected.
- Salvageable equipment in Elderone?
-Workshop of some kind (note: investigate further)
-Possible non-perishables inside the inns and homes.
-Harvest of more ghoul poison might be beneficial if dangerous expedition.
-If resettlement is not possible it might act as a good place to get a lot of lumber

The outside world has certainly gone more hostile since the silence arrived. Hope there aren’t any other horrible things out there except for ghouls, and if there are I harbor a careful hope that we can set some form of trap to deal with them.
It was really a shame that we let old mister Baker come along on this expedition. Yes, he had seemingly become a deva like me and Enoch and Mauri. It seemed however that his claim to being an old barbarian warrior was slightly exaggerated and this hyperbole and overconfidence cost him his life at the hands of aforementioned ghouls (note to self: see about holding a funeral despite missing body). That scary old bounty hunter Enoch tried to assume command of our efforts and for lack of better options we let him do so. I’m starting to doubt that that was a good idea since his choice of destination and decisions during the expedition cost several lives. We are few enough as it is. We had to run away from the village when we discovered that the ghoul nest contained far more specimens than initially expected. Suggestion: construct traps to neutralize superior numbers.

Songs of lamentation and obedience

….we set out…it was good for that was my will….and many joined us, and other songs too… we arrived to a small place…there were no survivors but beasts…..the red rage song, the song of bloody verdict ran its course like it always do….to red ruin for its host…I lament its passing but songs must run their course…..the two other songs are questions….the song of bloody verdict took one of them who joined us….we must contemplate upon this…..we survived the first attack….and then a second attack….but we were mortally wounded…..another song gave us life….this is good…..but the second attack came about because the fourth song would not listen…only argue….this is not good….we must contemplate also upon this…..then we took charge but we forgot ourself…..we must not quench ourself totally…..we wanted a quick ending and made mistakes….we underestimated our opposition…..we lost another one and did not have enough strength to silence the beasts……we withdrew…..


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