On the Availability of Henchmen

As the player characters gain experience and Glory, they may acquire Followers or Sidekicks (as per the corresponding Edges). Until that point, random NPCs will make themselves available to serve as henchmen on expeditions.

The first step in determining the availability of henchmen is to count up the total number of Followers and/or Sidekicks in the player characters’ service. If this number exceeds 10% of the able-bodied population of the current settlement, then no henchmen will be available.

Assuming the 10% limit has not been reached, one PC may make a Kinship & Fealty roll as described on p.21 of the Hellfrost Rassilon Companion. Any player may spend bennies on this roll, not only the player whose character is doing the recruiting. 1d6 potential henchmen are available for each success and raise on this roll; the Kinship Results Table is not used. The total number of available Followers, Sidekicks, and henchmen is capped at 10% of the current settlement’s able-bodied population.

To determine which NPCs are available, each NPC in the settlement who has taken part in a previous expedition with any of the involved PCs will roll against his highest Confidence Rating (see below) towards any of those PCs. These are blackjack-style rolls – if more NPCs succeed on this roll than there are slots available for, then the NPCs with the highest rolls will be chosen.

If the Confidence rolls do not provide enough henchmen to fill all available slots, the remainder will be filled by selecting additional NPCs from the local population at random.


Henchmen and Followers do not require any flat payment for services, but they do expect a half-share of any loot recovered. Sidekicks expect a full share.

Confidence Ratings

NPCs who have survived past expeditions will have a Confidence Rating for each Song involved in those expeditions, reflecting their personal experiences with that Song and their confidence in surviving further expeditions.

It is calculated as follows:

  • +5% per expedition survived
  • +1% per point of Resources recovered or point of Ruin eliminated for the settlement
  • -1% per character incapacitated, but not killed, other than the NPC himself
  • -2% per character killed
  • -5% if the NPC himself was incapacitated
  • if a Song’s host was killed, -5% for that Song per host lost
  • plus a variable bonus if the NPC receives additional gifts or payment above and beyond the standard share of loot
  • plus or minus an additional modifier based on whether the NPC’s experiences with the individual Song were good or bad in general

On the Availability of Henchmen

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