Creating a song character

For the Song character, pick any appropriate Arcane Background or design your own using Savage Arcanum. The Song starts with the AB’s associated skill at d6 and the related attribute at d6, all other attributes at d4, and no Edges, Hindrances, or other skills.

Choose the number of starting powers allowed by the Arcane Background.

Songs begin with no language skills, but, if their host has any languages with a rank higher than the Song’s rank in that language (or languages which the Song doesn’t know at all), then the Song may increase one such language by one die type each time the Song has earned a multiple of 20 XP.

Make sure to also consider which trappings the powers will use (meaning how they will manifest/look/feel in the world).

Also see the Setting Rules for more info on the Song character.

Q: I am not quite sure I understand the exact nature of the Songs. Are they just a game mechanic to differentiate the PC and act as a “save point” for the campaign or are they actual beings with some sort of personality that influence the possessed person?

A: I see them more as the latter.

If you really want to put a dark spin on things, the Song is your actual PC and host bodies are just equipment. I tend to prefer looking at it more as a symbiotic relationship, but, when it comes down to it, the game demands that the Song must be able to override the host’s desires. Otherwise, you could get stuck with massive un-fun by jumping into a host with a set of Hindrances that you don’t want to play.

Creating a song character

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