Creating a host character

If you want to create a custom host character, use the standard point totals (5 attribute, 15 skill, up to one Major and two Minor Hindrances), human only. Alternately, you can choose one of the available NPC henchmen as a host, some of whom may already be experienced from previous expeditions.

A host character also receives his native language (most likely Ardenian) at a rank equal to his Smarts and a number of additional skill points equal to half his Smarts die for additional languages (or improving his native language).

There are no specifically restricted Edges/Hindrances, but keep in mind that you’re going to be the heroes of a small band of survivors, so everyone will know everyone else and money will not be a significant factor.

I’m very open to allowing Edges and Hindrances from most any published source, provided that they are appropriate to the setting and game. Superpowers (e.g., Super Powers Companion, Necessary Evil, etc.) are generally not appropriate, though exceptions could be made for the right character concept.

Also see the Setting Rules for more info on the Host character and advancement.

Creating a host character

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