These are the weapons, armour and items that belong to the community of Eastmere. They are kept at the old western watchtower in the Mithril district of Eastmere. Everything here is under the care and supervision of the Devas.


Coins worth a total of 1563 sp


  • Dagger of Ruiz
  • 10 silver arrows
  • Assorted swords from The Sacred Church of Sahin at Osgal’s Mill (3 longswords, 6 shortswords, 2 daggers, 1 greatsword, 1 bastard sword, 1 rapier)
  • Several swords from Steel Ogre Smithy in Osgal’s Mill (2 longswords, 3 shortswords, 3 daggers, 1 greatsword, 1 bastard sword, 1 cavalry sabre)

2 x Dagger (d4+Str, T10, 0 SI, thrown 3/6/12, easy to hide and +2 to ready)

Hooked poleaxe: Str+d6 damage, has 1" Reach, AP 2, T8, and is Carried. If it hits with a raise, it gets +d10 damage and the target is knocked prone (riders are unhorsed and take falling damage normally). It weighs 3 SI.


Pot Helm (+3, 2 SI, $75, 50% chance vs. headshot, treated as rigid for AP purposes)

Spiked leather armour. Provides 1 armour for torso, arms, and legs. 3 SI. Uncomfortable. Armor spikes (Str+d6, AP -1, always ready, damaging grapple, Dangerous)


  • Arman’s Electric Leech
  • House of Lorreck signet ring
  • Cryptic letter from a Yolinda in Emerald Haven which seems to allude to collecting weapons from Elrak’s Abbey and marching on Ardenkeep
  • 2 vials of thin beige liquid (A rare and deadly ingested poison. Anyone eating or drinking it must roll Vigor at -4 or die in 2d6 rounds. With a basic success, they take 1 Wound and are Exhausted (2 levels Fatigue damage, taking 24 hours per level to recover). On a raise, they are only Exhausted.)


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