Savage Marches

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 2

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 2

Success! While we lost one of our numbers to horrible spike monsters we cleared the area of Camedge and managed to extend the reach of the song so that the area is now protected from the silence!

When we arrived we found that parts of the settlement had been destroyed by forces unknown and we found horribly tortured and mutilated bodies in a cellar. We hid in the cellar when we were attacked by zombies, a new kind of undead that was harder to kill but less dangerous than the ghuls. We decided to charge out of the cellar and attack the zombies with my wardogs and with our henchmen’s ranged weapons. This seemed to prove succesfull when we were attacked from behind my spikemonsters that had hidden in a secret room in the cellar. The monsters killed three of our four henchmen and one of them scratched me.

After a battle in which I served in a… supporting capacity from far, far away we managed to kill the Zombie and spikemonsters. After the battle we decided to decapitate or otherwise destroy the heads of every dead body in Camedge.

We searched the monsters cellar and we found a Raven statue with a part of the song in it! Searching the rest of the are we found many more bodies that we also destroyed the heads of. We found one unidentified magical potion, a small sum of silver, one flask of holy water, cheese (my rat army will become reality!) and some more weapons and armour.

We returned to Eastmere as heroes but something felt wrong… I decided to go around to the families and friends of the people we lost and telling them that their loved ones died heroically and I even tied to comfort them. It was strange… Maybe the song have begun influencing me?

I also went to a healer that I know and had him take a look at my wounds from the spike monster. I was carrying a warhammer and was ready to kill him if he found out that I was turning into a monster! I do not seem to be infected by anything so I had no need to kill the healer. I am however not fully convinced by this… I will have to look out for physical changes…

Oh, and the dog experiment went rather well. I will however have to get more dogs from somewhere to continue using them as cannon fodder. I will look into alternatives.

I will go to sleep now and sleep the sleep of the righteous! Tomorrow I will start trying to bribe rats with cheese and see if there is some kind of deal that can be made…

Jonaleths scribbled notes part 1

- Elderone deserted.
- Ghoul infestation (note to self, poison effective against these scavenger?)
- Livestock depleted (maybe even extinct?)
- Resistance a lot harder than expected.
- Salvageable equipment in Elderone?
-Workshop of some kind (note: investigate further)
-Possible non-perishables inside the inns and homes.
-Harvest of more ghoul poison might be beneficial if dangerous expedition.
-If resettlement is not possible it might act as a good place to get a lot of lumber

The outside world has certainly gone more hostile since the silence arrived. Hope there aren’t any other horrible things out there except for ghouls, and if there are I harbor a careful hope that we can set some form of trap to deal with them.
It was really a shame that we let old mister Baker come along on this expedition. Yes, he had seemingly become a deva like me and Enoch and Mauri. It seemed however that his claim to being an old barbarian warrior was slightly exaggerated and this hyperbole and overconfidence cost him his life at the hands of aforementioned ghouls (note to self: see about holding a funeral despite missing body). That scary old bounty hunter Enoch tried to assume command of our efforts and for lack of better options we let him do so. I’m starting to doubt that that was a good idea since his choice of destination and decisions during the expedition cost several lives. We are few enough as it is. We had to run away from the village when we discovered that the ghoul nest contained far more specimens than initially expected. Suggestion: construct traps to neutralize superior numbers.

Songs of lamentation and obedience

….we set out…it was good for that was my will….and many joined us, and other songs too… we arrived to a small place…there were no survivors but beasts…..the red rage song, the song of bloody verdict ran its course like it always do….to red ruin for its host…I lament its passing but songs must run their course…..the two other songs are questions….the song of bloody verdict took one of them who joined us….we must contemplate upon this…..we survived the first attack….and then a second attack….but we were mortally wounded…..another song gave us life….this is good…..but the second attack came about because the fourth song would not listen…only argue….this is not good….we must contemplate also upon this…..then we took charge but we forgot ourself…..we must not quench ourself totally…..we wanted a quick ending and made mistakes….we underestimated our opposition…..we lost another one and did not have enough strength to silence the beasts……we withdrew…..

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 1

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 1

I accompanied the so called daeva “heroes” on their quest to the village of Elderone. The objective was to acquire food and perhaps even animals or survivors.

The results were both very, very bad and very very good. To start with, I am a daeva now! This makes me immune to the silence and it make it easier for me to ascend to my rightful place as ruler and master over Eastmere! I became a daeva after that fool Alederic, or was it Aleric? Fuck it the old guy, ran straight into the middle of the ghuls and got slaughtered. As the most worthy person nearby the song naturally chose me as its new bearer.

The bad news are that after two pitched battles with the ghuls we decided to get cleaver. We decided to burn the ghuls nest down with them in it and thereby killing them all without the need for combat. This backfired as my companions failed to keep the door closed and the ghuls once again attacked us.

I heroically decided to save the woman, Mouri the Painted, by dragging her up onto my horse and riding back to town with her. I think all the others perished under the claws of the ghuls but I am not sure.

Anyway, I now need to prepare myself for out next expedition. The work of a daeva is never done…


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