Savage Marches

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 1

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 1

I accompanied the so called daeva “heroes” on their quest to the village of Elderone. The objective was to acquire food and perhaps even animals or survivors.

The results were both very, very bad and very very good. To start with, I am a daeva now! This makes me immune to the silence and it make it easier for me to ascend to my rightful place as ruler and master over Eastmere! I became a daeva after that fool Alederic, or was it Aleric? Fuck it the old guy, ran straight into the middle of the ghuls and got slaughtered. As the most worthy person nearby the song naturally chose me as its new bearer.

The bad news are that after two pitched battles with the ghuls we decided to get cleaver. We decided to burn the ghuls nest down with them in it and thereby killing them all without the need for combat. This backfired as my companions failed to keep the door closed and the ghuls once again attacked us.

I heroically decided to save the woman, Mouri the Painted, by dragging her up onto my horse and riding back to town with her. I think all the others perished under the claws of the ghuls but I am not sure.

Anyway, I now need to prepare myself for out next expedition. The work of a daeva is never done…


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