Calla's Cat

A steam-powered brass cat


Weird Science construct, 10 PP

Consumes 1 PP per six minutes to remain animated under normal conditions, or 1 PP per 5 rounds of combat.

Agility d8 Smarts d6 Spirit d10 Strength d4 Vigor d6
Climbing d6 Fighting d6 Notice d6 Stealth d8
Weird Science d6

Pace: 6; Parry: 3; Toughness: 5 (2)

Special Abilities

  • Acrobat: +2 to Agility rolls to perform acrobatic maneuvers; +1 to Parry if unencumbered.
  • Armor: The cat’s brass skin provides 2 points of Armor
  • Bite/Claw: Str.
  • Low Light Vision: Cats ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Mouser: The cat gets an additional +2 to hit and damage mice, rats, and similar creatures.
  • Size –2: Cats are typically less than a foot high.
  • Small: Attackers subtract 2 from their attacks to hit.

Powers (Self only)

  • Analyze Foe (1 PP, Duration 3(1/round)) – Gives +1 to directly affect and -1 to be affected by a specific enemy (with a raise, +2/-2)
  • Speed (1 PP, Duration 3(1/round)) – Doubles basic Pace; with a raise, running becomes a free action

Calla's Cat

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