The lamenting song of obedience

The song is keening, wailing, high-pitched and otherworldly and at the same time as it blocks out the silence and give strength it is brooding and sinister and demands total obedience.


Host: Enock

Agility d4 Smarts d6 Spirit d4 Strength d4 Vigor d4

Song, 8 XP (3 unused) (Novice)

Power: 10
Reputation: -1

Psionics d6
  • Arcane Background Psionics: 3 Powers, 10 PP, Subtle, Explosive Backlash (LBT)

The Lamenting Song of Obedience

Rank: Novice
Power Points: 2–6
Range: 12/24/48
Duration: Instant
Trappings: Bright flash of light, sand in eyes, sticky shadows. This power temporarily blinds a target or targets. Those affected must make an Agility roll at –2 to avert their gaze and
avoid the effect (at –4 if the caster got a raise on the attack roll). On a failure, victims are Shaken and –2 to Parry until their next action. If the target rolls a 1 on his Agility die (regardless of the Wild Die), he’s Shaken and fully blind until he recovers from being Shaken. Blinded victims suffer a –6 penalty to all Trait rolls that require vision and have their Parry reduced to 2.

►►Additional Effects: For 2 Power Points, the power affects a single target. For 4 Power Points, the power affects everyone in a Medium Burst Template. For 6 points, it affects everyone in a Large Burst Template.

Burst (2 PP, Cone Template, Instant) A blinding white light and high-pitched keening song washes over the targets, searing their minds. Targets within template may make Agility rolls vs. caster's Psionics and take 2d10 damage on failure. Counts as a Heavy Weapon.

Fear (2 PP, Range Smarts x 2, Instant) The Silence suddenly fills the mind of the target again with renewed force. Every creature in a Large Burst Template must make a Fear check (at -2 if cast with a Raise). On failure, Wild Cards roll on the Fear table and Extras are Panicked.

Mind Reading (3 PP, Range Smarts, Duration 1) A high-pitched keening song fills the mind of the target, making it impossible to think on anything else than the answer to the question being projected into the mind by the song. Gain one truthful answer from the target on an opposed Smarts roll. Target is aware of the mental intrusion unless caster gets a Raise.

The lamenting song of obedience

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