Mouri the Painted

An exotic woman with a greedy disposition she might as well help you as put a knife in your back - whatever requires the least effort in the long run


Song: Powertrip by Monster Magnet

Agility d8 Smarts d4 Spirit d6 Strength d8 Vigor d6
Charisma 0 Pace 5 Parry 7 Toughness 7 (1) Sanity 5/5

Human Female, ?, 2 XP (Novice)

Boating d6 Fighting d10 Intimidation d6 Notice d6
Spellweaving – (d6) Survival d4 Taunt d6
  • Florentine When using two weapons, +1 on Fighting rolls vs. opponent with single weapon and no shield and -1 to opposing gang up bonuses
  • Rich Triple starting money and a steady income
  • Arcane Background (Sorcery) (Song) Sorcery: 15 Power Points, Signature Power (Dispel), Strong Backlash
  • Greedy (Major) Fights and may kill over "unfair" loot distribution
  • Enemy (Minor) Members of former pirate crew
  • Obese (Minor) -1 Pace, d4 Running die, +1 Toughness

Saber (Str+d6; AP 1; 1 SI; T 10; + d8 on raise)
Throwing Dagger (Str+d4; Range 3/6/12; ROF 1; T 10; +2 Agility to draw, -2 Notice to detect)

Leather Armor (1 Armor; 2 SI; Covers Torso, arms, legs)

Ready Equipment

  • Leather Armor
  • Leather Armor
  • Saber
  • Dagger x 2
  • Dagger x 2
  • Bag of 100gp, 150sp
  • ( No minor items )

In Pack

  • ( No minor items )

Encumbrance: 0


Mouri is a woman in her forties. Her dark skin and her facial tattoos betray her exotic origin while her fine clothes and obese body betray her predilection for luxury. Nobody knows what she did before but ten years ago she came from Brassport and settled in Eastmere. Here she used her considerable wealth to set up a house of ill repute, the Sea Dog.

Which, ironically, had a rather good reputation. The going rates were high but the hosts were well-fed and alluring and nobody woke up stripped of their purse in a back alley after a night at the Sea Dog.

This all changed after the Silence. Left with a handful hosts that have not gone insane business still continues. In crisis the value of certain needs inflate but Mouri realizes that this is an untenable situation. If she is to have comfortable dotage she has to help set things right.

Mouri is a retired pirate that betrayed her crew and took the loot realizing that it would be enough to let her settle comfortably. Comfortably being the operative word. Mouri is extremely lazy, and like all truly lazy people she will go extremes to protect her right to lounge. Among other things a fine example is her labor policy at the Sea Dog; prostitutes that are well fed and well paid are less likely to cause trouble and will likely recruit friends forming a positive circle. The net gain for Mouri is a lesser need to devote time to policing her workers.

She is not surprised to find that she is one of the devas, after all she is a born survivor. It is her fear that her chosen lifestyle never will return that drives her to help the community but she will claim coin for everything she does, if at all possible.

Being an old pirate she knows how to wield a sabre and a knife and has a keen economic mind. She has always worn extreme amounts of make up in public to cover her tattoos and this has given her her name. Mouri still fears that one of her old crew mates might turn up and recognize her for the traitor that she is and is not prepared to take any chances.

Mouri the Painted

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