Jonaleth the Ratslayer

Uber-nerd of Eastmere

Agility d6 Smarts d8 Spirit d6 Strength d6 Vigor d6
Charisma 0 Pace 6 Parry 4 Toughness 6(1) Sanity 5/5

Human Male, 27, 12 XP (Novice)

Alchemy – (d6) Fighting d4 Notice d8 Repair d10
Shooting d8 Throwing d6
  • Rich Triple starting money
  • McGyver No penalties for lack of tools. Can jury-rig devices as needed.
  • Jack-of-all-Trades Smarts skills default to d4
  • Arcane Background (Song) Alchemy: 3 Powers, 10 PP, Spell Focus, No Backlash, Preparation (Fantasy Companion 24)
  • Curious (Major)
  • Big Mouth (Minor)
  • Vengeful (Minor)

Pump Crossbow (2d6; AP 2; Range 12/24/48; ROF 1; 6 shots; 2 SI; T 10; Medium Range, Ammo, High Penetration, Two-Handed, Non-Melee, Masterwork, Unwieldy (-2 to conceal, Agility roll to draw))
Axe (Str+d6; T 10)

Leather armor (1 Armor)

Ready Equipment

* Pump Crossbow * Pump Crossbow * Crossbow Magazine, Axe * Brass Cat
*Leather armor *Leather armor * ( 423sp, 6cp )

In Pack

* Crossbow Magazine x 3 * Animal Traps * Animal Traps * Animal Traps
* * * ( No minor items )

Encumbrance: 0



Jonaleth is a semi young man who if he had been born in a different time and place would have made a great scientist and chemist. Unfortunately he was born in i rather primitive land and the only occupation that he showed any aptitude for was in sorcery/magic. Even so, he found the rather messy structure and mumbo jumbo surrounding this practice very annoying and soon got rather put of his studies. What captured his imagination was instead the art of alchemy. Unfortunately his recipes seldom worked as intended and he got more and more distraught but the lack of success. He seldom practiced his craft before the silence arrived and usually spent more time trying to create new contraptions to simplify the life in the village but few of the other villagers saw any point in these (usually) flawed inventions. His only claim to fame and main source of income comes from having accidentally made the most potent rat-poison in the village (it started out as a really strong bowl of stew with a few “slightly” dangerous ingredients. The rats can’t get enough and die very happy.) and for this reason alone many sort of like him even if he is strange. He also tinkers with other potions and is convinced that he is on the right track for making water purification potions that will clean any water you pour it into.
The arrival of the song in his head changed a lot in his life. Suddenly he understood what he had done wrong previously in his alchemical concoctions and they were far more successful that he ever expected. The thing behind his eyes started whispering that there was much more to learn and if he just “applied” himself he might eventually even find the formula for immortality. Jonaleth is a bit worried about the sinister vibe he gets from the song but hopes that everything will turn out for the best.

I was thinking that he is outgoing despite the fact that he is “a bit” of nerd. He has the welfare of the village at heart and has a sharp analytical mind that he would love to apply to the new challenge that the silence poses. His optimism is probably greater that his actual skill, especially since he is not much of an outdoors-man.

The recent trials provided by the retaking of Elderone and the expedition to Close Inn has certainly shown to him that life outside the walls of the Mithril quarter is harsh and dangerous. He can’t help but feel a bit exited though despite the danger and for once he feels like he can actually truly contribute to the community. The world outside also provides new avenues of research and ingredients. The song singing in his head is also promising to transform him from his base form to something far grander and that in the end there will be no limits to what he can achieve. In the end there will be no life and no death and all borders will be crossed.

Jonaleth the Ratslayer

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