The song of Farewell

Darkly transformative music


Host: Jonaleth the Ratslayer

Agility d4 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d4 Vigor d4

Song, 12 XP (Novice)

Power: 15
Reputation: -2

Alchemy d6
  • Arcane Background Alchemy: 3 Powers, 10 PP, Spell Focus, No Backlash, Preparation (Fantasy Companion 24)
  • Power points : 5 additional power points available

Song: Farewell by Summoning

Potion of Stoneskin (Armor) (2 PP, Range: Touch, Duration: 3 (1/round)) + 2 Armor (+4 with raise)

Vial of Acid (Bolt) (1 PP per vial, Range: Thrown (3/6/12), Instant) Each vial inflicts 2d6 damage to the struck target. Up to three vials may be created at a time. Alternately, a single vial of stronger acid may be created for 2 PP, which will inflict 3d6 damage.

Potion of Healing (Healing) (3 PP, Range: Touch, Instant) Heals 1 Wound (2 Wounds with raise) if used within the Golden Hour. Can also cure poison and disease if taken within 10 minutes.

Power point edge


Who can find you clear springs of waters, but I can!
Who can tell you the age of the moon, but I can!
Who can call the fish from the depths of the sea, yes I can!
Who can change the shapes of the hills and the headlands, I can!

I have been a sword in the hand,
I have been a shield in a fight,
I have been the string of a harp,
I can shift my shape like a god.

Farewell, leave the shore to an ocean wide and untamed
Hold your shield high, let the wind bring your enemy your nightmare
By the bane of my blade, a mighty spell is made and
Far beyond the battle blood shall fall like a hard rain.

The song of Farewell

Savage Marches Filipernsthugodanielsson