Hideously scarred and with grim determination lining his face wherever he looks, Enock has been scaring the children (and adults) of Eastmere for more than a decade.


Song: The lamenting song of obedience

Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d8 Strength d6 Vigor d6
Charisma -1 Pace 6 Parry 6 (1) Toughness 7 (2) Sanity 6/6

Human Male, 8 XP (3 unused) (Novice)

Power: 10

Fighting d6 Healing d4 Intimidation d8 Notice d6
Psionics – (d6) Stealth d6 Streetwise d6 Survival d4
Taunt d4 Tracking d4
  • Elan +2 for any Trait roll if you spent a Bennie on it
  • Hard to Kill Ignore Wound penalties on Vigor rolls to resist incapacitation or death
  • Command Subordinates gain +1 to remove Shaken within 5"
  • Common bond Can share bennies with other PC
  • One Eye (Major) -2 to rolls requiring depth perception. -1 Charisma unless wearing an eyepatch or glass eye.
  • Cautious (Minor)
  • Stubborn (Minor)

Warhammer d6 10 AP 2 vs. rigid armour, Raise +d8
Target d4 12 Parry +1, AP -1, Raise +d4, Light Cover
Chain Hauberk (long coat) +2 3 $250 Covers torso, arms and legs
Chainmail coif +2 1 $75 50% chance vs. headshot

Ready Equipment

  • Chain Hauberk
  • Chain Hauberk
  • Chain Hauberk
  • Chainmail coif
  • Warhammer
  • Target
  • ( 0sp )

In Pack

  • Bedroll
  • Old horse blanket
  • ( Manacles )

Encumbrance: 0


Known by no other name besides Enock (and those that are whispered behind his back) he has made a living as a bounty hunter. Sometimes tracking fugitives and criminals far afield but more often than not keeping close to the downtrodden parts of Eastmere.

While never very successful Enock nevertheless made a name for himself because of his relentlessness and stubborn refusal to give up or die (or listen to any sound advice about changing career).

With no family in Eastmere and few friends Enock has always kept to himself. When the Silence came Enock was out tracking down a bounty and was given up for dead like so many others. A week later he came walking into town dragging behind the man he had run down. After becoming a Deva Enock feels like this is what he has been waiting and preparing for his whole life and he plans to lead Eastmere to salvation.

Has taken part in the first expedition to Elderone and the subsequent Battle of Elderone.


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