Duror Ghoulwrecker

Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d6 Vigor d10
Charisma 0 Pace 5 Parry 6 (1) Toughness 8 Sanity 9/9

Human Male, 25, 6 XP (Novice)

Fighting d6 Gambling d4 Investigation d6 Notice d6
Shooting d6 Stealth d6 Streetwise d6 Throwing d6
  • Sound Mind +2 Sanity
  • Doubting Thomas (Minor) Attempts to rationalize the supernatural. -2 on Fear/Sanity checks when faced with undeniable supernatural horror. Lose an extra point of Sanity on any failed Fear test. +2 Sanity
  • Obese (Minor) +1 Toughness, -1 Pace and roll d4 for running
  • Overconfident (Major) Thinks he can defeat anything out there
  • Javelin (Str+d6; Range 4/8/16; ROF 1; 1 SI; T 8; Reach 1, other hand can't attack, Carried)
  • Shortsword (Str+d6 /Str+d8 on a raise with SahinĀ“s symbol; AP 1;Enc 1, T 10,
  • Target Shield (Str+d4; AP -1; 1 SI; T 12; +1 Parry, +d4 on raise, Light Cover (6 armor))

No Armor (0 Armor)

Ready Equipment

  • Javelin
  • Target Shield
  • Shortsword
  • (No minor items)

In Pack

  • (No minor items)

Encumbrance: 0


Used to be called by a name most foul but after his heroic efforts during the Battle of Elderone he was allowed to take a new name most fitting – Ghoulwrecker!

Duror Ghoulwrecker

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