Cych the shade

Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d4 Strength d10 Vigor d8
Charisma 0 Pace 6 Parry 7 Toughness 6 (7) Sanity 4/4

Song: Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Age: 32
0 XP (Novice)

Fighting (Agility) d10 Notice (Smarts) d6 Repair (Smarts) d4 Shooting (Agility) d8
Stealth (Agility) d6 Psionics (Smarts) – (d6)

Martial Artist (Never considered unarmed. Bare hands do Str+d4 damage.)

Clueless (-2 on all Common Knowledge rolls)
Quirk (Early riser)

Bow (2d6 damage, range 12/24/48, weight 3)
Quiver, 20 arrows (weight 6)
Leather armor (+1 armor, weight 15)

Carrying: 24
Encumbrance: 0


Cych the shade

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