Savage Marches

Jonaleths scribbled notes part 2

- Close Inn deserted
- Goblin occupation (expeditionary force dealt with)
- Livestock removed from stables (any of them left at other location?`)
- Minor salvage found in form of bows, arrows, candles and some other sundry items
- Burned the Inn down to deny strategic advantage to the goblins (unfortunate but can be rebuilt as necessary)
- Larger goblin/orc/ogre force in the area. Could present serious threat. Best countered with superior tactics.

The victory in Elderone has made people overconfident. Present situation still demands more exploration and resource gathering, but also a focus on preservation of human life since this most certainly a dwindling resource (Note to self: check up how many fertile females are present in Eastmere, and also how many children there are at present). The exploration force almost lost Sir Camwyn the Stalwart due to goblin archers. In the future the force should assume that any seemingly abandoned settlement contains hostile forces, whether it be in the form of scavengers or raiders.
On another note Gych Spellbutcher is getting more and more erratic. His latest suggestion was that we allied ourselves with the orcs and goblins. I am afraid that all the things that have been happening has taken a severe toll on his sanity and that it’s highly likely that he will get more of us killed if we keep listening to him. Another leader for the expeditionary force would be recommended. The only question is who?
One good thing came out of this situation: my old teacher in the arts of magic by the name of Gamrell had apparently come out of retirement and managed to escape madness and even have a piece of the song imparted to him. I just hoped that he is a better force member than he was a teacher.



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