Savage Marches

Jonaleths scribbled notes part 1

- Elderone deserted.
- Ghoul infestation (note to self, poison effective against these scavenger?)
- Livestock depleted (maybe even extinct?)
- Resistance a lot harder than expected.
- Salvageable equipment in Elderone?
-Workshop of some kind (note: investigate further)
-Possible non-perishables inside the inns and homes.
-Harvest of more ghoul poison might be beneficial if dangerous expedition.
-If resettlement is not possible it might act as a good place to get a lot of lumber

The outside world has certainly gone more hostile since the silence arrived. Hope there aren’t any other horrible things out there except for ghouls, and if there are I harbor a careful hope that we can set some form of trap to deal with them.
It was really a shame that we let old mister Baker come along on this expedition. Yes, he had seemingly become a deva like me and Enoch and Mauri. It seemed however that his claim to being an old barbarian warrior was slightly exaggerated and this hyperbole and overconfidence cost him his life at the hands of aforementioned ghouls (note to self: see about holding a funeral despite missing body). That scary old bounty hunter Enoch tried to assume command of our efforts and for lack of better options we let him do so. I’m starting to doubt that that was a good idea since his choice of destination and decisions during the expedition cost several lives. We are few enough as it is. We had to run away from the village when we discovered that the ghoul nest contained far more specimens than initially expected. Suggestion: construct traps to neutralize superior numbers.



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