Savage Marches

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 3

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 3:

I was to bussy celebrating and organising after the battle i Eldoron to write in you journal but it is time to correct that now.

Last night we went to explore Close inn. We were rewarded with goblin arrows and had to fight for our lives the very first thing that happened. The battle was short and brutal. We only lost two dogs, Sir Camwyn got shot by the goblins when he tried to negotiate with them. Normaly I would say that this is typical of the landed nobility but this time he had an good idea that just didn’t work out whice is to bad. I still think that we can recruite the goblins and their orc and ogre allies but my companions argued against it.

Anyway, we killed the goblins and looted the Inn and the surrounding buildings. Our newly recruited wizard, Gamrell, then communicated with his familliar raven and found out that some escaping goblins were bringing back orc backups lead by an ogre. The daevas looted the archery shop while the minons captured one of the bee hives. Before we left Gamrell burnt down the inn so that when we return with more troops they can’t hide there and shoot at us with bows again. Gamrell failed to return my offered wizard high-five but I am sure that was just an missunderstanding.

I cast speed spells at the horses and the mule and we left as soon as the orcs arrived. We got away easily becuse of the speed spells. I might have overdone it on the mule… But hey, nobody got hurt.

Anyway, we discussed trying diplomacy with the orcs but nobody else seemed to want to recruite them or even make peace with them. I think they might be racists, nothing wrong with the orcs that a little organisation can’t fix I say.

On a stranger note I seem to have developed green spikes that are sticking out of my forearms. They seem to be of the same type that the spikemonster who scratched me had. I also seem to be able to fire them in a manner similar to the spike monsters. I don’t know if this mutation is a result of the spikemonster infecting me with something or my sorcery immitating their natural abilitys or something else. Fore some reason I don’t fear the change and I am not ashamed of it. I have modified my armour so that the spikes can stick out of it and I feel that it have if something made me look even more dignified than before. More power is always good right?



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