Savage Marches

From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 2


From the journal of Gych Spellbutcher. Part 2

Success! While we lost one of our numbers to horrible spike monsters we cleared the area of Camedge and managed to extend the reach of the song so that the area is now protected from the silence!

When we arrived we found that parts of the settlement had been destroyed by forces unknown and we found horribly tortured and mutilated bodies in a cellar. We hid in the cellar when we were attacked by zombies, a new kind of undead that was harder to kill but less dangerous than the ghuls. We decided to charge out of the cellar and attack the zombies with my wardogs and with our henchmen’s ranged weapons. This seemed to prove succesfull when we were attacked from behind my spikemonsters that had hidden in a secret room in the cellar. The monsters killed three of our four henchmen and one of them scratched me.

After a battle in which I served in a… supporting capacity from far, far away we managed to kill the Zombie and spikemonsters. After the battle we decided to decapitate or otherwise destroy the heads of every dead body in Camedge.

We searched the monsters cellar and we found a Raven statue with a part of the song in it! Searching the rest of the are we found many more bodies that we also destroyed the heads of. We found one unidentified magical potion, a small sum of silver, one flask of holy water, cheese (my rat army will become reality!) and some more weapons and armour.

We returned to Eastmere as heroes but something felt wrong… I decided to go around to the families and friends of the people we lost and telling them that their loved ones died heroically and I even tied to comfort them. It was strange… Maybe the song have begun influencing me?

I also went to a healer that I know and had him take a look at my wounds from the spike monster. I was carrying a warhammer and was ready to kill him if he found out that I was turning into a monster! I do not seem to be infected by anything so I had no need to kill the healer. I am however not fully convinced by this… I will have to look out for physical changes…

Oh, and the dog experiment went rather well. I will however have to get more dogs from somewhere to continue using them as cannon fodder. I will look into alternatives.

I will go to sleep now and sleep the sleep of the righteous! Tomorrow I will start trying to bribe rats with cheese and see if there is some kind of deal that can be made…



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