Savage Marches

From Spellbutchers journal, Part 4

From Spellbutchers journal, Part 4

We went out for the longest expedition this far this week, all the way to Brassport actually. The journey there was pretty uneventful except a small encounter with a bear and that we found the missing cattle from Elderon. We settled into a farmhouse about an hour away from the city and sent in a scouting party lead by Ghoulwrecker.

The scouting party went into the actual city instead of staying at the safer outskirts, this so they could get better information. This lead to them getting ambushed by ghouls but under the leadership of Ghoulwrecker they managed to fight off the ghouls and retreat back to the farm.

The mood was tense that evening, the old wizard and Ghoulwrecker almost came to blows which would have been disastrous. But after a while everybody calmed down and we decided to ride straight into town and check out the castle in the morning.

We arrived at the castle and discovered that the local countess, 3 knights and 10 soldiers were still alive as well as several civilians. They were protected by a weak song in the countess throne. They had lots of food and other supplies but they were beset by enemies inside the town. There were rat men that landed when the silence fell, ghouls that we might have driven there from Elderon (ooopss!) and then there were Count Granitfist. Granitfist became a daeva when the silence hit and when he died the song jumped over to one of his young soldiers, the song have then jumped over to the countess executioner. The executioner now leads a military unit and tries to take over the castle from the countess.

Count Granitfist was a brutal tyrant, an evil lord and a paedophile. But his personality seem to have become strong enough to imprint itself on the song that possessed him and now he have become immortal. I wonder if I would be able to do that…

Anyway, we have no real way to deal with a renegade daeva. We can`t kill him because then the song will just jump over into somebody else. I suggested that we should either try to absorb his song like we did with the song in the raven statue or that we should ally our self with him. Sure he is a monster but he is also one of the chosen ones! The gods would not give their blessing to somebody unworthy, would they? My companions suggests capturing him alive but this seem to be really hard or trying to reach the host instead of the song, which would work. Another solution could be tricking them into the castle under the excuse of diplomacy and then murdering the entire military unit when they are unprepared. But that seem like a waste of good soldiers…

We decided to return home to Eastmere after establishing lines of communications with the countess.



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