Savage Marches

Enock's thoughts on the Battle of Elderone

The Battle of Elderone

We set out at first light. For once no one complained though Mouri the Painted stayed behind for some reason. Probably why no one complained. Gych Spellbutcher declared himself leader and I let it go. Better to focus on the task at hand than to divide ourself with more bickering.

We had every able bodied man and woman willing to follow us. We kept on track ignoring any potential trouble on the way. Spellbutcher did his job.

Close to Elderone the rest set bear traps while Dree Redraven and I scouted ahead. We saw two packs of ghouls but both scattered rather than attacked us which was bad since we wanted to draw them unto our traps and arrows.

Everyone moved ahead close to the village while Dree and I scouted deeper. The damned ghouls are quieter than cats and they ambushed us. Dree was in a bad spot but the rest weren’t far behind and we quickly managed to kill a few and scatter the rest. The archers led by Jonaleth the Ratslayer did good work.

Setting up right smack in the middle of the village Dree and I tried to pinpoint the location of the Ghoul king. As we saw him he saw us and the real battle commenced.

We were disciplined and with archers and dogs we held our lines just behind the traps. As the Ghoul king waded in Spellbutcher met the beast head on. We made a fine accounting of ourselves and stuck to it and the plan. I’ve had my misgivings about some of the men and women and Devas too but on this day I were proud to stand with them.

Still things looked grim because even as we slew the foul beasts left and right and held our lines more waves came upon us. From our flank and behind.

To his credit Spellbutcher offered us to attack the king so the rest of us could get a chance to get away but none faltered. Every last one of us knew that we had to stand and fight and win. Or die.

In the end we concentrated all our efforts on their so called king and laid him low. At the sight of this the rest of the craven beasts fled.

I counted three scores of ghouls myself and between us we killed more than three quarters of their numbers. We lost only Beregeg Shieldcatcher – a brave man and good fighter too.



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