Savage Marches

Enock's thoughts on Osgal's Mill

Another expedition. We set out at daybreak. Considering the heavy resistance at every other encounter I had our force slog through the snow on the far side of the river. Once close to Osgal’s Mill Duror Ghoulwrecker and I scouted the village form the safety of the river bank. We saw nothing and instead approached across the bridge with all men staying behind at the bridge.

We saw a pack of boars and drew them unto our swords. It was easy work and again we scouted further into the village when suddenly two huge swarms of rats attacked us. I obliterated them but now another good sized horde of boars came charging down upon us.

We retreated back to the bridge and behind the bear traps. Again we killed them all but this time we lost one new man. Gored by a boar.

Again we moved into the village. This time in force. We went from house to house and two times we were ambushed by goblins. Both times we fought them off easily.

We have become a respectable fighting force. The many hard lessons we have fought together shows.

I can only hope our luck will hold as we press forward. Away from Eastmere.



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