Savage Marches

Duror's thoughts on Osgal's Mill

Enock and I scouted the area while the others set up traps. We acted as decoys and frontline soldiers. It all went well until we lost one of ours. The tactics were flawless and consisted of using the bridge as the only in and out point for Osgar’s Mill. With the last minute assistance from Spellbutcher helped us to ambush and crush the ghouls from both front and back.

After we had visited each house, we looted and were indeed happy to have meat and wine to celebrate the progress of our campaign back of what is our home now. Next will be Brassport, from the maps we have, I can say it will be a very long mission and I hope it will be as easy as Osgar’s Mill and that none will loose their life. It makes me wonder….

How many lives will it take to discover how this Silence established itself on our fatherlands?



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