Savage Marches

Duror's Thoughts on Brassport

As me and three others went in to Brassport, we saw signs of arrows and small amount of bodies on the streets. Little did we know that Ghouls would be roaming around in the area and I led the scout company deeper into Brassport in order to see what was on the southside. However, it was not easy due to someone who detested me in the party and the other two were not stealthy enough so we attracted the attention of 10’s of ghouls.

We barricaded ourselves in the nearest house and I used my javelin to barricade one exit, but it was quickly broken by the ghouls fierce claws.The battle was a close call, several in my party were shaken and I kept going berserk on those foul creatures. Several times the party wanted to find a way to retreat, but I denied. After taking a few wild attacks against the, they feared me. I tried to chase them, but failed. Those scum were too fast for me and night had fallen like a cloth on a statue and I could not see them well. Ghouls should be extinct and the more we kill of them, the less there is to kill and peace and balance will exist. Ghouls, baaahh ugly creatures.

After the encounter I ran with the party out from the house to rally with Spellbutcher, the sorcerer and the mad alchemist. They stayed with the cattle which was located in the barn we secured before I led the scout party into Brassport. We ran and I found a pouch which contained only copper. I lost some of it on the way but I got us through all in one piece to the barn.

At the barn, the sorcerer got on my nerves, my blade would lick his throat for the words he exclaimed about the failed attempt of scouting. Little did they know that a simple scouting would definitely not show the ghouls we encountered as they passed by and were drinking from the pond in the middle of the town. No beer and warm company has made me tired and grumpy and it didnt become better when we went to the keep next day and got to meet the dutchess.

She is beautiful and I would not mind asking her for a ride hehehehehe….however if I even tried they would probably behead me those nobles.

The day ended well and I came to my senses and found peace with the wizard. Going home to Eastmere is going to help us heal our wounds and regain our strength and let us plan our upcomming missions.



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